For each job we complete we ask ourselves three questions.

  • If this was my property would I be 100% happy with the quality of the work?
  • Did we give good customer service?
  • Would you the customer be happy to recommend us to family and friends?

Achieving these objectives is our top priority. We care about our customers experience and strongly believe this is vital to us building a good relationship with you and continuing to flourish as a service provider.

Bright Sight Cleaning Services is a fully insured organisation.

Where do you offer services?
Link to locations page.

What method do you use to clean windows?
We use the latest water fed pole systems. This is a professional method, which allows us to reach and wash surfaces as high as the 5th storey while standing safely on the ground. We use this method as it provides the highest standard of cleaning not only for windows but all frame work, sills and doors which are included in every clean. This system is also ideal for the cleaning of conservatories, Soffits and solar panels. Using purified water means that all hardness in the water has been removed and leaves you with perfectly clean, streak free windows.

Does the service include cleaning of frames, sills and doors?
Yes, cleaning windows but leaving dirty frames is not a service we wish to provide as we believe that is a job half done and will lead to your frames becoming discoloured and stained over time.

Do you clean only exterior windows?
No, we can clean both – the outside and inside, depending on your personal needs. For the exterior, we use the water-fed pole technology. For the inside – we use a traditional method – squeegee and a professional eco-friendly detergent.

How do I know when you are coming?
The evening prior to us visiting you we will contact you by either telephone, text or email. How you wish to be contacted is completely up to you. If you let us know we will contact you for all future visits via that method.

Do I need to be in when you visit?
No, as long as we can access all windows that you wish to be cleaned.

If it rains, will this affect the job?
If it’s only a drizzle it won’t make a difference to the process. In cases of a torrential down pour we will re-schedule to clean at a time that is convenient to you.

How often do you visit to carry out cleaning?
We offer a 4, 8 and 12 weekly service. We also offer a service for one off cleans.

How do I make a payment?
We offer secure cashless payment options to enable you to make payment as easily as possible.